Earth Month 2022

"Earth Day is Every Day"


The first Earth Day took place in 1970 after organizers from San Francisco proposed the idea at the UNESCO Conference in 1969. Earth Day was built around environmental protection to alert people about the need for preserving and renewing the threatened ecological balance upon which all life on Earth depends. Earth Day started as a way to engage youth and our schools to ensure we care for the health of our planet.

However, because of our continued disruption and pollution of Earth's fragile ecosystem, climate change has spiraled out of control. To curb the negative impacts of climate change, Earth Day has grown to Earth Month. Now more than ever we have to take collective action to address climate change, continue to care for our environment, and ensure an inhabitable planet for future generations.

We're working to address climate change, including mitigating the impacts, and to preserve and protect our open and green spaces. We're also creating a County of Santa Clara Commission on Sustainability to help us be more active on this issue. We also adopted a resolution supporting the Bay Adapt Joint Platform to address the regional impacts of sea level rise. Learn more at

We have collected the following information so you can join the celebration of Earth Month and caring for our planet. Earth Day is Every Day.

"...our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."  - Carl Sagan, 1994 

Santa Clara County Climate Roadmap 2030

A great way to create a direct impact on Santa Clara County’s climate future is by sharing your feedback on the draft climate actions today so we can create a sustainable Santa Clara County. Click HERE to get started

The County is creating the Roadmap to combat climate change, create livable communities and restore natural spaces – all while ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities and benefits across all communities. While many of the County's cities have already adopted Climate Action Plans, the Roadmap will align existing efforts, facilitate regional partnerships and prioritize actions in unincorporated areas. Our goal is to significantly reduce emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 in unincorporated areas of the County. Using community input we've collected over the past year, we have drafted actions that can be implemented by the County and partners.

SAVE SOIL Initiative

Our friends from Conscious Planet have a special program - Save Soil initiative - aimed to bring the issue of soil extinction to the forefront. How we care for our soil impacts our nutrition, biodiversity, and climate change, soil and human health are intricately connected.

Climate change often focuses on global warming and glaciers melting, but we must also address our soil health. 
Save Soil movement in partnership with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), with the goal of actively engaging at least 3.5 billion people globally and spread awareness  about desertification and the importance of soil health. This initiative seeks to encourage the global community and world leaders to support their leaders in instituting policies and actions to ensure a minimum of 3% organic content in soils globally as a measure to address soil health.

See the following images for more information or Click HERE to download a PDF version.

Learn more at




County of Santa Clara Office of Sustainability

In 2010, the County Board of Supervisors formalized the commitment to establish an Office of Sustainability (OOS) with policy goals to: promoting a vibrant economy; fostering a healthy environment, protecting resources, and/or protecting public health, safety and recreation; enhancing social equity and safety by improving neighborhood access to education, health service, housing, and food; reflecting a balanced approach and emphasis on shared interests in public policy and programs.​

OOS pursues this mission with sustainability programming; fostering interdepartmental coordination; providing capacity building and technical assistance; building networks for collective action across sectors and jurisdictions; and educating, engaging, and empowering action among County employees and community members. Click HERE to visit the OOS website and learn more.

OOS offers services, programs and information about the following:

Sustainability Master Plan and Data Dashboard  |  Climate Adaption/Resilience  |  Energy and Electrification  |  Green Business Program  |  Integrated Pest Management  |  Sustainable Landscape Management  |  Climate Action Planning

County of Santa Clara Recycling & Waste Reduction Division

As new State laws change the way we recycle and reduce waste - and now sort our waste - we need to make changes. The County of Santa Clara Recycling and Waste Reduction Division (RWRD) is an integral part of the County’s Consumer Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA), supporting waste reduction activities that preserve resources, enhance sustainability, and mitigate climate change. Click HERE to visit the RWRD website and learn more.

RWRD offers services, programs and information about the following:

Unincorporated Programs & Services  |  Household Hazardous Waste Program  |  Safe Meds & Sharps Disposal  |  Green Business Program

Sunnyvale's Climate Action Playbook

The Sunnyvale Climate Action Playbook sets a vision for the City of Sunnyvale to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. It builds upon our past success and integrates new, bold, breakthrough ideas generated by our community. Above all, it paves the path towards becoming a resilient and sustainable Sunnyvale through collective action.

Their website is organized into two components linked at the top right corner. The Scoreboard page highlights key achievements under each Strategy, progress on our Next Moves, and key metrics that highlight our journey so far. The Playbook page is where you can learn more about the Climate Action Playbook and its Strategies, Plays, and targets.

Click HERE to learn more

Open Space Authority's Earth Week in Coyote Valley!

Nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range at the southern edge of San José, lies the stunning Coyote Valley. This landscape connects over one million acres of wildlife habitat, and includes wetlands, water resources, agricultural lands, recreational opportunities, and much more. 

This April, join the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority for a week of nature activities and events to celebrate the Earth and our role in protecting the natural environment. Sign up for one - or several - docent-led and self-guided programs located across Coyote Valley, one of our region’s most important and amazing landscapes. Registration is required for all events. Learn more and sign up at


City of Milpitas Celebrates Earth Day

Join community for a celebration of the Milpitas’ latest smart infrastructure program and Earth Day Resource Fair on Saturday, April 23 from 10 am - 1 pm. Participate in tours and demonstrations to learn about the City’s newest solar and battery microgrid systems and other energy and water savings projects. Resource fair will include activities and information that can help you make simple changes at home that can save you money and protect the plant. Don’t miss this opportunity to do your part for the Earth!
Click HERE to for more information

Milp ED22

Additional Resources & Information

Better Choices with Silicon Valley Reduces
Where we choose to spend our dollars can have a big impact on climate change. Silicon Valley Reduces helps local food service businesses and shops reduce the amount of single-use waste that leaves their doors by making it easy for customers to know which businesses allow them to bring their own clean reusable containers to fill. They are helping connect businesses with customers who choose to reduce and helps empower stronger consumer choice. Click HERE to list of locally participating businesses and Click HERE to learn more about Silicon Valley Reduces.

New Technology
Artificial Intelligence and technology help increasing recycling and also decreasing GHG emissions Click HERE to read more


Silicon Valley Clean Energy

SVCE has launched the FutureFit Fundamentals Contractor Training Program. The online course focuses on residential building electrification, and contractors with a valid license (and their employees) in Santa Clara County are eligible for a $500 stipend upon completion of the course. In addition, those with a residence or business in SVCE’s service territory may be able to receive up to $5,000 in incentives for the installation of select all-electric systems at their property. Click HERE for more information.

Use Your (Clean) Power to Take Climate Action!

You have the power to help change the world. The Silicon Valley Clean Energy eHub contains FREE RESOURCES to help you explore what kind of impact you can have by switching to electric vehicles and appliances.

Gas vehicles are the largest source of emissions in Silicon Valley, and nearly one-quarter of local emissions come from heating water and indoor air. As a customer of SVCE (your community-owned electricity provider) you have the power to take actions that reduce local pollution. By transitioning from gas-powered vehicles and appliances to the clean, carbon-free electricity you already receive, you can save money and have a positive impact within our community.

Visit eHub today:

SVCE ehub Chn

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