Supervisor Otto Lee's First 100 Days of Service

As America was grappling with a financial collapse and working toward a “New Deal” in 1933, the first one hundred days became a lens through which to take a breath and set focus for what all the days ahead would look like. Now, we’re facing off against the COVID-19 pandemic and working towards how we get to the future we envision.

March 17, 2021 was my 100th day of service to you as Supervisor. We still have more than 1,300 days of working together this term. We have done so much. I want to make sure you have been introduced to the people and resources that are here to help you thrive and build back that better America that was talked about so boldly in 2020. Santa Clara County - and the neighborhoods I represent in Sunnyvale, Milpitas and San José - is a special place. We sit at the intersection of possibility with only our will stopping us from getting it right. These have been a heavy one hundred days. Yet our D3 Team is committed to this work, and we support our community with humility and joy. To be there for you means something.

Here’s a look back on our first 100 Days and our reflection of where we are today and the roadmap of possible ways to get there. And to get there together, for all of us.

100 Days - At the Board of Supervisors
While the D3 office is open 24/7 to serve you, it is the Board of Supervisors meetings on Tuesdays that are where talk is turned to action with the Yays and Nays of our votes, and with the power of our amendments, communication and compromise. It has been wonderful to work with my colleagues. Here are some of the biggest highlights from our meetings.

  • COVID-19 Relief Efforts
    Dec. 15  Temporary cap on commissions and fees charged by third-party food delivery services to local restaurants and/or their customers
    Jan. 26  Hazard Pay in Santa Clara County for Grocery Workers
    Jan. 26  Urgency ordinance temporarily banning evictions
    Feb. 9  Prioritize extremely low-income households for federal emergency rental assistance
    Feb. 9  Reducing or waiving fees charged to small business establishments for the calendar year 2021 in light of the ongoing COVID emergency
  • County Services, Reforms & Policies:
    Jan. 12  Review County (Environmental) Sustainability Master Plan 
    Feb. 9  Development moratorium in unincorporated Coyote Valley and Climate Change Overlay Zone reviews
    Feb. 23  Consider recommendations relating to a Santa Clara County Correctional System Master Plan and commissioning a Department of Corrections Needs Assessment Study
    Feb. 23  Allocation of $100 million Measure A Funds for five new affordable housing projects in San José
  • Equity and Inclusion:
    Dec. 15  Resolution establishing a hate crimes task force
    Mar. 9  Resolution denouncing ongoing anti-Asian sentiment and violence against Asian American community members

100 Days - Helping The Unhoused
One of the biggest issues we have worked on so far that has not directly been a Board vote is addressing homelessness and supporting our unhoused neighbors. We shared a D3 Focus On newsletter with you about all of our efforts. I would like to highlight one story that is really changing the entire conversation about how we can solve homelessness.

The recent cold weather and already crowded shelters had left our neighbors living at Fair Oaks Park in a dangerous situation. Thanks to a coalition of partners working together we got the residents into housing, and the next step in their transition to stable housing. Our team put together a wonderful video about the story, and my family was eager to help home two of the residents, Velvet & Clover, the Lee family’s new rabbits. 

100 Days - Partners In Service Deliver PPE Donations and More
We hit the ground running on day one and kept moving forward. One initiative that we are looking forward to is our Partners In Service Program. My duty is in service to my community, a value instilled deep within me. Silicon Valley is full of the energy, interest and availability to help us tackle our challenges. This program is a chance for us to help guide community partners to the needs within our community and how they can best help to give back to the community, by the community. We will be focusing on three main fields - public health, education, and homelessness. We will be rolling out more information this spring, and we are excited by the work we have already achieved with our current partners in service, such as Broadcom, Bridge Foundation, Nanjing Chamber of Commerce and Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of SF Bay Area.

100 Days - Staying Connected
Our success is built upon our connections. We continue to expand our engagement on social media - follow us on Twitter @SupOttLee or Like us on We attended more than 20 neighborhoods association meetings and hosted more than 150 online meetings with community leaders, organizations and residents. Please make sure to follow us on social media and follow this link to sign up for our newsletter. Our community network continues to grow and if we can connect and share together, we’ll do great things together.

Thank you. Gracias. Cảm ơn bạn. 謝謝你. Salamat. Getting to be your Supervisor means a lot to me, and I am honored to be in service to you and our community. We are working to embrace a future of inclusion, diversity and where each of our neighbors are thriving, not merely surviving. We are caring for our planet and each other, and doing so safely. We’ll do it together. Thank you for giving me these past 100 days to serve you, I look forward to the hundreds more ahead.


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